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Forager Stock Valuations Webinar

Tuesday 11 October 2022 at 12pm AEST

The term value investing is being hijacked (or maybe misinterpreted) since low-cost index funds focused on using price to earnings as a proxy for value. Who said value investing means crappy businesses?

Join Steve Johnson, Chief Investment Officer at Forager Funds, along with the International and Australian Shares funds’ teams at our next webinar as they outline Forager’s valuation process and the thesis for companies we have high conviction in. The webinar will cover:

 - How Forager typically values a business when considering an investment
 - Some previously owned companies and how the valuation and thesis played out
 - Valuations and thesis of two current high conviction stocks from each portfolio

There will be a Q&A session at the end of each of the Fund presentations where you're encouraged to ask the team questions. 

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We invest in Australian and International share markets on behalf of long-term investors.

International Shares Fund

With investments in large liquid and resilient businesses, combined with smaller value-based ideas when the opportunities arise, the Fund offers exposure to a unique portfolio of global shares. 

  • Typically invested in 20-40 securities around the world, the Fund provides a more concentrated portfolio than most global funds 

  • Predominantly focusing on markets that have established legal frameworks and stable political systems, the Fund has investments in North America, Europe and Asia. However, up to 20% of the International Shares Fund can be invested in emerging markets. To date the exposure has been minimal. 

  • Our rigorous research process is undertaken by analysts with expertise in Europe, the UK, Asia and the United States.

  • The currency exposure that arises from owning foreign stocks is not hedged back to Australian dollars, subjecting the fund to the effect of FX movements but offering Australian investors some diversification through foreign currency holdings. 

Australian Shares Fund

The Forager Australian Shares Fund is listed on the ASX as a Listed Investment Trust (LIT). The Fund specialises in unusual opportunities that many other investors miss. The investing approach means the Fund is unique in a number of ways:

  • Concentrated portfolio with a selective, flexible approach.

  • Unconstrained fundamental analysis to find the best ideas. 

  • Unlikely to be correlated with any particular index or benchmark.

  • Aim to maximise returns whilst taking calculated risks.

  • Units in the Fund can be purchased in the same way you would buy any other share using the ASX code "FOR".